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1. What’s the difference between the Abbey and Minster ranges?
Both the Abbey and Minster ranges are made from top quality materials and share similar construction and features. The main difference is that the Minster is designed as a more superior range and offers a wider choice of veneers, including the crossbanding option. Table and counter tops are 38mm thick in the Minster range, with 10mm solid lip edging as opposed to the Abbey’s 30mm thick tops with 3mm edging. In addition, the Minster range offers a choice of edging details and an increased number of optional accessories.

2. How do I clean Eborcraft furniture?
To retain its beautiful natural sheen, Eborcraft furniture should be cleaned using a damp cloth and soft duster. A little detergent can be added to the water to remove greasy marks. On no account should spray or wax polishes be used as these will damage the lacquer surface.
If you prefer not to use detergent, to remove greasy marks, a quick and easy solution is to use a microfibre cloth. When used damp, the microfibre cloth will remove greasy marks without needing detergent, and the furniture can then be buffed to a soft sheen with a dry microfibre cloth.

3. Will my furniture retain its colour?

Since wood is a natural product, you can expect a gradual change upon exposure to light. The amount and speed of change is dependent upon the species of timber, the length of exposure and the intensity of light. As a general rule Eborcraft veneers tend to turn a richer, darker shade over a period of time, further enhancing their natural beauty.

4. Will temperature affect the appearance or performance of my furniture?

Prolonged exposure to a particularly dry atmosphere may affect the veneer on Eborcraft furniture and cause surface cracking. Please note that our guarantee does not cover this occurrence.

5. What is crossbanding?

Crossbanding is a decorative veneer effect achieved using either a combination of species or a single species, and is used to particular effect on table tops. Species 1 runs with the grain along the length of the centre of the table, whilst species 2 ‘frames’ the outer edge with the grain running out towards the edges. A fine band of contrasting veneer (often black) runs between the two species. See examples on the Veneers page.

6. What is combination veneering and how does it differ from crossbanded veneering?
Combination veneering is a contemporary way of creating a dramatic appearance using two contrasting veneers. Whereas with crossbanded veneers there is a fine inlaid band to separate the two veneers, with combination veneering, there is no separation between the different veneers - this creates a more striking decorative effect. Also, whereas a crossbanded veneer appears as a border to a table top or furniture panel, with combination veneering the contrasting veneer appears as a rectangular band within the panel. See examples on the Veneers page.

7. Where can I see Eborcraft furniture?
Eborcraft products are sold through a wide selection of reputable furniture retailers across the UK. To find your nearest store contact us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, please feel welcome to visit our on-site showroom in York to see for yourself the beauty of our wood veneers and the quality of our products.

8. What’s the difference between veneered furniture and Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) furniture?
The surface of veneered furniture is covered with a thin layer of real wood which is then lacquered and polished, so that it is virtually indistinguishable from solid wood furniture.
MFC, on the other hand, is simply a piece of paper printed to resemble wood, and which is then laminated. Because of this difference, MFC furniture is generally cheaper than wood veneer furniture, but does not have the appearance of genuine natural wood furniture.

9. I’d love to specify Eborcraft workstations, but they’re just a bit too big for my workspace. Do you make them slightly smaller?
Yes! Our design and production flexibility usually allows us to cater for customers’ individual size requirements. Just contact us or your local retailer with the size you require and we will make every attempt to meet your specification.

10. Will veneer furniture stand up to the rigours of a busy commercial office?
If looked after properly there is no reason why a piece of veneered furniture will not give many years’ service.