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We take great pride in the production of Eborcraft furniture and select only the finest materials.

Strength and Stability
All products are designed to meet BS4875 and BSEN527.

The timber, veneers, sheet materials and fittings used during the manufacturing process are all carefully selected for quality and durability.

Environmental Policy
Wherever possible we use timber-based materials that are sourced from countries with a defined and implemented policy for the management of timber resources. As a manufacturer we constantly review our manufacturing processes and product designs to minimise our impact on the environment. All our products are finished using water based lacquers eliminating solvent emissions into the atmosphere and almost all our wood waste is sent for recycling.

Care of the Product
The lacquers used for finishing are virtually maintenance free. Regular light dusting with a soft cloth is all that is required to keep the furniture looking its best. Greasy marks can be removed with a damp cloth and a diluted solution of soapy water. On no account should sprays or wax polishes be used, as these may damage the surface.

Natural wood veneers
Since our veneers are a natural product, each piece of furniture will have its own characteristics and will react to changes in light intensity. Natural wood veneers can be subject to surface cracking as a result of prolonged exposure to low levels of humidity; our guarantee does not cover this occurrence. To view our wide choice of real wood veneers, please see the veneers page. Alternatively, please use the contact us page to request samples of our veneers.

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