Eborcraft - the company

Eborcraft as a company is as versatile as the modular office furniture that it first started manufacturing over 120 years ago. 
Read how Eborcraft has succeeded in making the transition from one generation to another, to become the vibrant success story that it is today.

Product Innovation

Eborcraft has continually developed its products to suit market trends and demands. Under the guidance of Chris Williams - Eborcraft’s Managing Director since the 1990s - the company’s vision has extended far beyond its core products of desks, conference tables and workstations. Most recently it has introduced Jive, a collection of laminated break-out tables, benches and seating. Other innovations include Gemini stow-away tilt-top tables and Crescent space-saving asymmetric reception counters, as well as built-in storage cupboards and even wall panelling.

Multiple variations of veneers have been introduced on a regular basis, including the unusual quarter-cut wood veneers on the Zenith Chrome and Crescent ranges. In an innovative break from the wood veneer furniture for which it has been renowned during its long history, Eborcraft recently added MFC office furniture to some of its ranges, and laminate on Jive break-out furniture.

Product design and development has extended to the desk and table bases, which now include not only wood veneered panels but also chrome or black-painted legs, and frames in a goalpost or cantilever style.


Crescent - asymmetric reception furniture for the compact office, contact Eborcraft for details


Gemini - conference furniture comprising tilt-top
stackable modules, contact Eborcraft for details


Eborcraft’s commitment to technological advances can be seen both in its factory equipment and in its products.  The digital age has been embraced by developing a range of technological options to add to Eborcraft’s portfolio - most recently wood veneered wall panelling with integrated audio-visual facilities, and a collaborative media unit as an add-on to Jive break-out tables.  Integrated wire management systems, with retractable power management modules, are options on most of Eborcraft’s boardroom and executive furniture.

Eborcraft marked the start of the 21st century with a move to a purpose-built factory where it could fully invest in computer-aided design and manufacturing facilities.  This has resulted not only in increased efficiency and superior quality control, but also in the company being able to offer bespoke variations of its standard modular office furniture to satisfy a broader range of customer specifications.

Customer service

Perhaps the most important element in Eborcraft’s success story is its commitment to a high level of customer service and satisfaction.  Eborcraft customers come from all types of business - from hotels, blue-chip companies, schools and government offices to smaller organisations and entrepreneurs.  For all customers large and small, Eborcraft always aims to supply veneered office furniture to a high quality and an agreed budget, and within the specified time scale.  The fact that Eborcraft is continuing to grow after 127 years is a testament to its success in providing the highest level of customer service.

Eborcraft wood veneer, MFC and laminate office furniture is available through a UK-wide network of retailers.  For details of your nearest retailer, please contact Eborcraft on 01904 481020 or email sales@eborcraft.co.uk

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