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Feast your eyes on the variety of options in Eborcraft’s newest range of desk and storage furniture to gain a flavour of the way in which Eborcraft has tailored Fizz to cater for virtually every taste.

Fizz office furniture is ideally suited to open plan areas on several counts, not least of which is its modular construction.  This flexibility maximises the footprint by enabling any configuration to be built to suit the space available.  A sturdy frame of structural steel gives the desk the robustness required in an open plan office.

Wire Management
The question of how to accommodate multiple cables in an open plan office is answered with Fizz’s drop-down wire management tray, fitted to the underside of the desk.  The sliding desk-top allows easy access to the tray for maintenance.

Screens are vital in an open plan office, and Eborcraft offers no less than six designs in its new Fizz range of office furniture, from aluminium to fully upholstered and several variants in-between.  There is even a push-on screen for total adaptability, together with a range of useful accessories.  Several fabric choices are offered, and bespoke fabrics can be arranged.


Aluminium frame for accessory hanging, plus Perspex blade

Trio Screen

Fabric covered screen with aluminium frame and single level tool rail

Cosy Screen

Fully upholstered fabric screen with stitched trim details

Cosy Screen

Fabric covered screen with aluminium frame and three level tool rail

Trio Screen

Fabric covered screen with 3-level aluminium frame for accessory hanging

Echo Grip Screen

Fabric covered push-on privacy screen that grips to MFC-finish desks by friction alone

With Fizz’s storage furniture, Eborcraft indulges every need.  Mobile storage units take the form of lockers, or cupboards with either hinged or sliding doors. Alternatively the units can be left open or fitted with drawers. Modular dividers for the open plan office are similarly flexible, with the option to combine cupboards with either open or closed-back shelving.

The choice of finish offered by Eborcraft satisfies both aesthetics and durability, with MFC, hi-pressure laminate or wood veneer all being options with Fizz. Over a dozen colours are provided as standard, with the mix-and-match laminates enabling a particularly contemporary appearance.

MFC options

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laminate options

Click on icon to see a larger image of each Fizz laminate colour.

veneer options

Click on wood icon to see a larger image of the veneer.

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